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The Val-Mac Group has been developing custom software for the past 25 years. This work has ranged from ROM based control firmware developed in Assembly language to complete turn key systems written in high level languages that automate an entire business enterprise.

Our experience covers a period of time that represents most of the modern computer age. We have had extensive experience with many operating systems and most computer languages. We continue to support multi-user operating systems that have been around for more than twenty years while at the same time we stay at the cutting edge using some of the latest tools available.

We develop a long term relationship with our customers and today support many customers that we developed custom software for more than ten years ago. In some cases our customers have grown from small family businesses to large national and multinational corporations with offices all around the world. We support companies that grow slowly over a long period of time and also companies that grow in leaps and bonds. When our customers acquire other companies, or are acquired, we help make the transition as smooth as possible by integrating legacy systems. We then combine the best of both companies and develop a coordinated plan for future software development.

We stay up do date with the software industry by participating in several software development programs with manufactures of operating systems. Our involvement in several beta testing programs also keeps us aware of all the latest developments in the software industry. This allows us to develop software for the operating systems of the future as well as incorporating structures in our current software to help us migrate current systems to future platforms.

Software development can be contacted in many different ways. A few of those ways are listed below:

If you are considering contracting for software development or doing an in house project, let us review your requirements. In many cases we have developed or are aware of software that can do the required job without starting from scratch. If original development is required we can help from the very beginning with the creation of the product specification and our participation can range from a small advisory roll to the total development of the software and documentation.

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