Network Design


The Val-Mac Group designs and installs networks ranging in size from small office networks to Wide Are Networks covering large geographical areas.  Network types  include ATM, Frame Relay, Gigabyte Ethernet, 100BaseTX, 10BaseT and Token Ring. Network media used range from Fiber Optic Cable to Category 5 twisted pair cable. 

Typical Services Provided on a network:

Access to network servers, applications and databases

Internet Access for specified or all network users

Fax Servers

E-mail Servers, Internet and Intranet

Point-to-Point High Bandwidth wireless solutions including Free Space Optics and Microwave
Print Servers and network ready printers
Remote Access using modems or VPN over private lease lines or the Internet
Network monitoring and support services
Help desk and remote control training and help services
Video Conferencing
Voice and Fax over Data, IP Telephony services
Router, Firewall & Proxy Server IP Filtering
Peer to Peer Client file, and printer access
Client rollout, software installation and image backup
Server and client data backup and off site backup services



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